Màn hình cảm ứng uimi f6


There is a very easy way to see the IMEI code in an Uimi F6 through a hidden code in the system.

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The IMEI code identifies a di động device uniquely, each Uimi device has its own IMEI code, this code must be printed on the device box và in the case of devices with removable battery under it. Here we discover how khổng lồ get it in an Uimi F6 very easily through the system settings.

1- First step:

Unlock your F6 và go lớn the home screen khổng lồ get started.


2- Second step:

Click on the phone icon of your F6, it is usually located at the bottom left.


3- Third step:

If the numeric keyboard does not appear, press the keyboard icon to xuất hiện it.


4- Fourth step:

Press the following sequence with the F6 keyboard: *#06# (asterisk, hash, zero, six, hash).


5- Fifth step:

By default, you should see the IMEI code of your Uimi F6 if not, press on the “call” button, and it will appear.


Do you keep the case of your Uimi F6? In this case you will find the serial number code and the IMEI/MEID in the barcode on the back of the box.

What is the purpose of obtaining the IMEI code of a F6?

The IMEI code is used for example to find out if a device F6 it is an original Uimi, or it is a copy or imitation.

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It is important lớn know what your IMEI code is in case of theft, to lớn report it and ask the telephone operator khổng lồ block the device và can not be used by another person.

It is also necessary to lớn request an unlocking or release of the Uimi F6 và that can be used with any SIM thẻ of any operator, i.e. unlock a phone or tablet.

Other uses of the IMEI code are: knowing the country of origin of the device, knowing the date of manufacture and purchase, knowing the serial number, knowing if the device still has the manufacturer"s Uimi warranty & know if the device is on some IMEI blacklist

About the device:

Uimi F6 is a device with a weight of 170 grams, a screen kích thước of 5 and a screen resolution of .

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