So when the Super Quantum Layers can’t cut it and the Super Quantal Mech Beasts aren’t quite enough, they điện thoại tư vấn upon Great Magnus to end the fight. & can he ever.

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3Level12monstersIf this card issentto theGraveyard: You canSpecial Summon3 “Super Quantal Mech Beast”Xyz Monsterswith different names from your Graveyard. This thẻ gains theseeffects, based on the number ofXyz Materialswith different namesattachedto it. ● 2 or more:Once per turn, during either player’sMain Phase: You candetach1 Xyz Material from this card;shuffle1 card on thefieldinto theDeck. ● 4 or more: It isunaffectedby card effects, except “Super Quant” cards. ● 6 or more: Your opponent cannotaddcards from the Deck to thehandby card effects.There’s a lot going on here so let’s break it down. So when you want him on the field naturally he’s a generic rank 12. Rank 12?! Yeah so this is why you want lớn flood the Super Quantal Mech Beasts and use Magnacarrier khổng lồ get this guy out. Consequently, if he’s removed from the field, you can summon back the three Mech Beasts. But without materials means they’re practically driftwood.

Now Great Magnus gets stacking effects based on how much materials he has attached. This is why most Super Quantum players focus on building from the field because it provides the most materials.

So the cheapest effect is the 2 materials – detach 1 material from Great Magnus and shuffle 1 card from the field to the deck. A very cheap, non-targeting spin into the deck. The absolute best size of removal currently is the most readily available. Sweet!

The 4 materials effect is that Great Magnus is unaffected by thẻ effects that aren’t “Super Quant” cards. This is arguably the most important effect on the card. This means that your opponent has khổng lồ swing over Magnus. & if you equip him with Magnaslayer (which is a Super Quant và thereby will still affect him) the ATK bonus of “X = Rank x 100” means Great Magnus’ power will skyrocket from 3600 lớn 4800! With that much power nguồn to deal with it makes Great Magnus a near insurmountable obstacle.

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His final effect is his 6 material which prevents your opponent from adding cards lớn their hand outside of the Draw Phase. Honestly, with the other two effects in play this is just overkill. Your opponent is probably already in bad shape at this point và this may be a win-more effect, but it really does help lock things down. This essentially stops them from building momentum và mounting a comeback.

Finally, as a Light attribute, machine-type means he potentially has access to lớn a lot of tư vấn except that the 4 material ability means none of it matters unless it’s “Super Quant”. So that’s a moot point. Unless of course you’ve spun enough cards to remove your defensive ability, then it could work, but bởi vì you really want to thất bại that protection? Personally, I wouldn’t.

Super Quantal Mech King Great Magnus is a fantastic trùm cuối monster, who certainly takes some doing to lớn get him out on the field. In a perfect world you would:

Field your 3 LayersAlphan Spike your opponentTutor out your Mech Beasts with MagnacarrierThen tutor Great Magnus with MagnacarrierSpin the quái thú summoned by Alphan SpikeAnd if you had Magnaslayer – destroy it lớn allow Great Magnus lớn attack directly 3 times in succession

Like I said – it’s a lot of work, but it is a very satisfying win và a completely dominate win as well. You might not make that happen every time. In fact, it may not happen most times, but Great Magnus with more than 4 materials is a terrifying prospect khổng lồ stare down. Especially from some of the smaller more effect-based full bộ decks. This guy can take an absolute dump on a lot of decks và other monsters – go ahead, ruin someone’s day.

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