Peripera cushion pang tint, 5 mlbb rose, 0

Today I am reviewing the Peripera Cushion Pang Tint, it is a 2016 newly released lip products that features a soft cushion applicator. There are a total of six colors from the range & at the moment I only have five of them as the orange one is always sold out.The Peripera Cushion Pang Tint is described as a soft matte lip hàng hóa with a pigmented rich formula, it has a super silky texture that spreads và blends easily with the cushion tip.I have been trying the Peripera Cushion Tint for nearly five months now, while the packaging really caught my eyes in the first place & it was love at first sight, my first impression of the actual sản phẩm wasn"t so great. I didn"t like how messy it applies & I didn"t lượt thích that it was so drying; but I wanted to give these a few more tries before I put my full judgement on the products.

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available in six colorscushion applicator that allows lớn spread and blends easilyhigh pigmentation, vibrant colors & buildable coveragesilky texture that applies with a satin finish then dries matteclaims lớn be fade-proof and stay put all dayclaims to be nourishing and non-drying during wear
Peripera Cushion Pang Tint comes packaged in an eye-catching cardboard box, the color of the box coordinated with the actual lip tint shade. The cardboard box has a pretty design và a lot of information printed in Korean at the back.
The lip tint itself comes packaged in a pen style with the clicking parts on one end and the cushion tip on the other. At first use it took more than 30 clicks for the products lớn distribute, và upon second, third, fourth uses & so on... It only takes 1 -2 clicks for the lip tint khổng lồ come out of the sponge.

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As mentioned above, I really like the packaging và it was what caught my attention in the first place. I love the dễ thương stars design và the pretty colors of the packaging. I also really lượt thích the slim pen style packaging of the actual product as it is easy to lớn carry around.
I love a lip sản phẩm with nice fruity scent & the Peripera Cushion Pang Tint has one of those scents that I really like. The fruity scent is strong, but not over-powering and it doesn"t lingers around too long after application.
The smell reminds me of those fruit candies I used lớn eat as a child and I love that it brings back good memories.