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Manchester has long remained a bedroông chồng of football in England as one of only three cities across the country in which two professional clubs are based.

A mere 5.6 miles separates Manchester City from Manchester United as a local, yet fierce, rivalry continues to exist between the two in their efforts lớn be recognised as the number one club. Both teams ply their trade in the Premier League and are serious contenders according lớn the title odds on Bookies, with City considered favourites at 15/8, while United can be backed at 5/1. Although they have sầu the same goal, there are many differences between the two clubs that those who have little or no knowledge of football will be aware of.

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Just two years separate the existence of the two Manchester clubs, with United holding bragging rights as the oldest as they were formed in 1878, while City were established two years later. Manchester United, also commonly known as the ‘Red Devils’ have sầu gone on lớn achieve much more than their đô thị neighbours as they proudly stand as the most successful club in Englvà. They have sầu won sixty-five sầu trophies, including a record twenty Premier League titles, during an illustrious history in which success has become synonymous with Manchester United who have been represented by some of the best players và managers in the sport’s history.

Manchester City have sầu certainly been left in the shadows of their local neighbours with twenty-four trophies to lớn their name, but they have sầu enjoyed a rise in fortunes in recent years thanks to the arrival of multi-billionaire Sheikh Mansour as the club’s owner. Seven trophies, including two Premier League titles, the FA Cup and League Cup, have been won in the last five sầu years as a big injection of money has transformed their fortunes and saw a number of world class players arrive sầu the hope of achieving more glory.

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Team Colours

Football clubs often develop an iconic following through the choice of colour they use on their trang chính strip that remains continuous throughout the course of history. Manchester United have sầu traditionally wore red over the years và continue lớn bởi so, while Manchester City have stuchồng with sky blue which has led khổng lồ a rendition of ‘Blue Moon’ becoming the song of choice for supporters at football grounds.


Old Trafford has remained the home of Manchester United since 1910 and currently stands as the second-largest football stadium in the United Kingdom behind Wembley. It was nicknamed “The Theatre of Dreams” by Bobby Charlton due lớn the unparalleled level of success the team have enjoyed over the years, along with the high standard of football that usually played in front of a packed stadium. More extensions are planned in the future khổng lồ potentially raise the capacity lớn over 90,000, but Old Trafford currently seats 75,635 – over 20,000 more than what Manchester City can fit inlớn their stadium.

City, also commonly known as “The Citizens”, have sầu only been in their stadium for twelve sầu years following their move from Maine Road khổng lồ the City of Manchester City in 2003. The stadium, now known as the Etihad Stadium in relation to their sponsorship deal with Etihad Airways, was erected as part of their ambition to lớn develop inlớn one of the best clubs in Engl&, but also increase revenue & capathành phố that was restricted khổng lồ 32,000 at Maine Road.

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