Bleu de chanel eau de parfum chanel for men


Having first sampled it upon its release in 2010, I’ve been excited to be able lớn try Bleu de Chanel again for the purposes of a fragrance review.

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In this review, you will discover Bleu de Chanel with a focus on the following topics:

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Brand: ChanelFragrance: BleuConcentration: Eau de ParfumRelease Year: 2010Batch Reviewed: 9202

Released in 2010, Bleu de Chanel has become somewhat of a legend in the designer perfume industry. It was developed by Jacques Polge, the head perfumer of Chanel from 1978 until 2015. He first became known for Yves Saint Laurent’s Yves Gauche in 1970 but his work for Chanel includes Égoïste & Allure.


Bleu de Chanel Composition

In the following section, we’ll break down Bleu de Chanel’s individual notes & accords, which you will discover is an overall woody aromatic fragrance.

Head Notes


Bleu de Chanel’s iconic opening consists of citrus contrasted against spice. The citrus is grapefruit & bergamot. The former is a zesty and bittersweet citrus fruit. Meanwhile, the bergamot is softer và slightly creamier.

Meanwhile, the spices are coriander & pepper. Together they produce kind of a minty accord. The pepper is a little bit more powerful và this potency adds substance khổng lồ the opening.

Heart Notes



Ginger then acts as a transitional chú ý from the head khổng lồ the heart, which is accompanied by jasmine và some creamy melon. The heart combines elements of fruit, flowers, and zesty spice. Overall, it’s complex and fragrant before seamlessly transitioning khổng lồ the base.

Base Notes


When the heart fades, labdanum, a herbal musk, reveals itself. This note is accompanied then by some patchouli, which is quite earthy, olibanum, which is also known as myrrh, as well as some woody sandalwood. Overall, the base is quite musky, but it does have plenty of character with some oriental aspects, as well as woodiness.

Bleu de Chanel’s Life-Cycle, Wake & Strength


Bleu de Chanel’s dry down is seamless with subtle transitions throughout its life-cycle. As far its wake & strength are concerned, the sillage projection và longevity are all excellent. It lasts for hours on the skin, but if you want lớn give it some extra performance, you might want to carry a travel atomizer along with you.

Otherwise, the sillage leaves an impressive trail behind the wearer. The projection, the scent bubble, is quite wide. As for the longevity, as I mentioned, lasts for quite a number of hours. It’s easy lớn quickly become noseblind with Bleu de Chanel so don’t be fooled and overapply by accident, which happens very easily!

What People Think Of Bleu de Chanel

Meanwhile, the third-party feedback for this fragrance seems to lớn be basically roaring all around. It’s the very definition of a compliment monster. People love it!

On the first day of wearing it for reviews purposes, I was getting my haircut & somebody told me that I smelled really good. With the Covid-19 lockdown still a very recent memory, it was quite good for my self-esteem!

This is a fragrance that is well-known for being universally adored by different people of many different generations. Although it went through a very popular period và was worn by many men, it hasn’t really overstayed its welcome, nor has it become a victim of its success.

Indeed, it’s a fragrance that is still enjoyed today and anyone who wears it will be, I wouldn’t say appreciated, but will certainly be noticed.

When khổng lồ Wear Bleu de Chanel


In this review, you’re going lớn hear a lot about how versatile Bleu de Chanel is for wearing. Indeed, it can be worn throughout the year. It’s perfectly adaptable for different seasons.

While it might be a little bit heavy for summer or maybe a little bit too refreshing for winter, it’s going lớn perform valiantly throughout the entire calendar year thanks lớn the combination of fresh, warm, spicy, và citrus notes.

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In terms of the age range, as I mentioned, this is a very universal fragrance. It can be worn by any man of any age. However, I put it down as đôi mươi to 29, because I’d say this is the apex period of when you could wear it.

But at the same time, it smells great on you in your 30s và your 40s. It won’t feel out of place. It won’t feel too youthful nor will it feel too mature if you’re in your late teens wearing it.

Meanwhile, in terms of the time of day, again, as I mentioned, this is a versatile fragrance. It can be effectively worn during the daytime as well as the evening & night. Nevertheless, it might perform best as an evening fragrance.

I’d say Bleu de Chanel is more of a formal fragrance and it would go very well with black tie. That being said, it’s also a fantastic office for the fragrance, or it’s even something you could wear casually just going out on an evening out or even going to vị your Christmas shopping.

This is a fragrance that you could wear for just about anything, anytime. Perhaps wouldn’t wear it going to lớn the beach or going out to bởi the shopping. However, it’s something I would certainly consider for going to the office, if I’ve got an important meeting with a client, or if I’m going out on a special occasion.

Finally, in terms of masculinity, this is certainly a fragrance that you would generally consider as masculine. Indeed it is quite powerful. It’s very bold. Then again, I don’t see any reason why women couldn’t wear it. Nevertheless, I’ve noted the masculinity down as strong.

Presentation và Value For Money


Bleu de Chanel comes in a subtle yet elegant và understated plain bottle. It features just a sans-serif phông on the front with the Chanel hình ảnh sản phẩm on the đứng đầu of the stopper. The cap attaches with a magnet, which means that it doesn’t need khổng lồ be clicked into place.

The bottle appears đen at first. However, shining light through it reveals glimmers of dark blue and purple. The effect reflects the fragrance’s aura very well. The box is very similar to lớn the bottle. It’s pretty much the same colour & uses an identical typeface.

When it comes to the atomizer, it performs very well. It produces a nice thin mist, a wide dispersal, & it gently lands on the skin. Actually, one thing worth noting is that because it’s so gentle, you feel lượt thích you’re applying very little, which makes it even easier to lớn overspray.

Bleu de Chanel’s value for money is a challenging topic khổng lồ cover fairly. It’s known to be quite an expensive fragrance is you will struggle to find it discounted as Chanel takes care lớn control its prices among distributors.

Is blue de Chanel overpriced? It’s far cheaper than niche fragrances from brands like Creed or even Floris. Nevertheless, it’s still pricier than most other designer fragrances. However, given its quality and versatility, you could argue that it’s money well spent.

Closing Thoughts

I first wore Bleu de Chanel about 8 years ago when it was given khổng lồ me as a gift from my wife. I had emptied the bottle rather quickly but couldn’t afford lớn buy another. Therefore, I’m delighted lớn have been able lớn sample it again.

I’d argue that it hasn’t changed and is just as effective today as it was then. Indeed, it shows no signs of having being reformulated và smells just as great as when it was first released.

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