Welcome to Grimaceworks! If this is your first time here, then have a quick look at some of my projects below!

1. David Lynch Remix

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2. Music Created from Trailer Audio and Video

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This video was created in Ableton Live, with all the sound and visuals being taken together from the original trailer.

3. Happy Album - Majectical Electical

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4. Unhappy Album - Psychogenic Fugue State

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5. "What Art Is, To Me" - A Short Comic

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This is a comic I wrote about my experiences of being, or not being, an artist.

It was all hand-drawn, page-by-page, felt-tips on paper, a page at a time - an unusual thing for me to do, as I usually use the computer for absolutely everything.

What_art_is_iphone You can read it on this website for free, or you can get it in the App Store for iPhone or iPod Touch for 59p (¢99)


Alternatively you can get a printed version from vanity publishing website lulu.com, if you really like printed stuff.

6. An Application To Find Out What Makes You Tick

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I wanted to keep a scientifically accurate record of what was making me happy or sad, so I built a Facebook App to let me and other people track their happiness.

To make the charts more accurate, I created an instant-messaging bot called "Auntie" who would pop up periodically and ask for a mood rating.

The result is a tag cloud and set of charts that can be used to identify changes that can be made to your life.

The application also provides links to good therapy-related books on Amazon so you can read more on the psychological theories behind this application.

Personally I have acted on some of the more unexpected results of these charts and changed my life for the better.

I am currently working on an iPhone version of this application.

7. Pop Music in Collaboration with Various Singers

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Here is a selection of tracks I've recorded with various singers from around the world. Lina, Fatima Eiras, Geoff Tyson, nonGenetic, Dewex and Barbara D'Agostino