TiSO was originally founded by ambitious entrepreneurs from engineering backgrounds. They began their journey by the production of small high unique architectural constructions. Within a couple of years, most of Kiev’s shopping and trade malls, office buildings & hotels were equipped with TiSO steel staircases & fences. While working on large scale construction projects, the founders of TiSO realised that there was a need for chất lượng and reliable security & access control equipment – such as turnstiles. This lead lớn the creation of a new product line for TiSO, the design & installation of security systems. The first turnstile designed by TiSO engineers was the DN6 half-height turnstile. This type of turnstile became the first prototype of today’s contemporary range of tripod turnstiles).The first large scale project with turnstiles, which defined the future of our company, was a project for the Chernobyl nuclear power nguồn plant, where there was a need for a safe & secure access and egress strategy to and from the plant. We have pride in the fact that all Nuclear nguồn Plants in the Ukraine are still equipped with TiSO full-height turnstiles, some of which were installed in the late 90’s & are still fully functional & effective.

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During this period our company’s development involved manufacturing growth and building up of our distribution network. It was during this time that TiSO created a strong distribution family for internal market within the Ukraine. We always respect loyalty, and are flattered that companies with whom we established relationships during this developing stage, remain our partners lớn this day.Since the inception of TiSO, và to this current day we have always worked hard to provide our partners và customers with the best physical security solutions available.

A radical change of course was initiated during the mid-00’s, when TiSO realised the need to lớn become a global manufacturer of security equipment. In order to establish the TiSO brand now known throughout the international security community, we have invested heavily in international trade shows, & first presented our products at IFSEC security exhibition in Great Britain.Partnering with other international businesses in the industry greatly accelerated the expansion of the TiSO turnstiles product range. During this time, our best-sellers were born, including our Sweeper và Speedblade speedgates & the Twix and Bastion tripod turnstiles.

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To be one of the đứng đầu brands at the international physical security market, we have invested resources in sản phẩm development & building an international dealer network.The presentation of TiSO products at exhibitions in the UAE, UK, China, Germany and the Netherlands increased demand for the products & helped expand international partnerships.Regular analysis of the security market allowed us to identify another trend that is gaining momentum over the years - physical perimeter protection. Thus, the management of the company decides to xuất hiện a line for the production of road blockers and bollards. At first, these were simple devices for organizing parking. And only then we started production of anti-ram (anti-terrorist) road blockers & bollards. The key for us was the confirmation of the anti-ram properties of our equipment, so we certified it in accordance with the international standards ASTM2656, PAS68 and IWA14.

We continue khổng lồ maintain our strong position by investing in the latest digital control systems, implementing new & innovative systems of working, continuously improving the skills of our employees and influencing changes in the industry.Expanding our global presence as well as increasing sales of our products has enabled us to expand our production capacity by the construction of new workshops & the acquisition of the latest production equipment. Today our production complex, which is located in Kiev, Ukraine, is situated on a 21,000 m2 site. At present we run 4 international offices (Kiev, London, Dubai, Singapore), have 23 official brand representatives around the world and 30,000+ completed projects in more than 100 countries around the world.

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