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After the noise related lớn the oto crash, singer Ung Hoang Phuc và his wife Kim Cuong appeared radiantly at the opening of the cà phê owned by the couple. Before that, the two opened a health business together with a movie production company. It can be seen that the couple is very “cool” when driving the business together even during the epidemic season.

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Ung Hoang Phuc revealed: “My wife and I have been hatching a coffee siêu thị business project for a long time. Before the outbreak, I finished the plan & put it into preparation. But because of the epidemic situation, everything had to lớn be done. Temporarily postponed. Now, I’m opening this coffe as a place for me khổng lồ meet my music fans. I want a place to lớn connect with fans more, off stage.” .

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I want this to lớn be a space where I can get closer to lớn the audience

Because the epidemic situation is still there, the male singer only invites close artists lớn come

Share happiness with me like Pham Quynh Anh, husband & wife Thu Thuy – Kin Nguyen, husband & wife Duong Khac Linh – Sara Luu, Ali Hoang Duong, Dat G, Duong Ngoc Thai, Quach Tuan Du…

Present at the event, two close friends, Pham Quynh Anh & Thu Thuy, shared many memories with Ung Hoang Phuc. For details, please watch the video.

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