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Moisturizers are no doubt an important ingredient for a healthy skin which is why it’s important lớn make sure that you are choosing the right hàng hóa that will actually provide good results on your skin. With so much to choose from in the market, it could be tricky khổng lồ find the right sản phẩm for our skin. This could even take so much money & time wasted in testing different products & brands. Today, I want to mô tả my The INKEY menu Peptide Moisturizer Review for those of you that are looking for a new moisturizer to hopefully save you the time và money or if you are simply curious about the INKEY List brand!


Before talking about the moisturizer, let’s quickly talk about the brand itself since they’re actually pretty new in the market being just founded in 2018. What’s interesting about them is their mission to not only sell products but to lớn also educate their customers about their skin & the right ingredients that can actually benefit their skin type. 

Personally, I find this very impressive especially at this time when misinformation can easily be disseminated. This principle can help them mix their brand apart from others!

On đứng đầu of that, they pride themselves for being cruelty free!


One of the products that the INKEY danh mục carry is the Peptide Moisturizer. This is a daily moisturizer that comprises of two different peptides lớn help tư vấn the natural collagen of the skin & keeps it hydrated.

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This moisturizer is currently sold for $18.99 CAD at Sephora for a 50 ml bottle.




I purchased this moisturizer on a whim about two months ago after running out of my old moisturizer. Since my skin tends to lớn go dry during the colder months, I decided lớn choose one that can help with this concern. After reading some great đánh giá and due to my curiosity about the brand, I decided to lớn pick the Peptide Moisturizer.

Although I did not have a good first impression about it, I eventually discovered some great things about this moisturizer after a few weeks of continued use.


First thing that I noticed is the texture of the moisturizer. It is light weight và feels really soft on the skin. This texture also helped for an easy application và my skin seemed khổng lồ absorb the sản phẩm pretty easily as a result.

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I was also able to thử nghiệm the hydrating capacity of this moisturizer really well since I’ve been using it this Winter season. I must say that this helped my skin khổng lồ stay hydrated for the most part. In fact, I didn’t notice any dry spots on my skin which I usually get during the colder season. Although I haven’t been staying out lately, I can say that this moisturizer definitely contributed in keeping my skin moisturized và soft.

I am not a big fan hâm mộ of the packaging although I can say that I love the minimalistic branding that they have on it. What I vì chưng not like is the fact that you need lớn hit the pump for the product to come out. I personally thought that this is not very hygienic và efficient since you need to constantly sanitize or wipe the pump after every use to lớn avoid sản phẩm build up.

Another thing lớn consider about this moisturizer is that a little goes a long way. If you use too much product it can take time for the sản phẩm to penetrate your skin leaving you a trắng cast all over your face until it is fully absorb. Although this is not the product’s fault, it can be a downside if you are rushing to lớn get ready.

Over all, the Peptide Moisturizer from The INKEY danh mục is a very decent daily moisturizer. It delivers on its promise regarding hydrating the skin at a very reasonable price. Although I can’t really say that its anti-aging benefit is true since this effect can take time just lượt thích with other moisturizers in the market with the same claim. 

I am also impressed with the transparency of the brand & their desire to provide real skin care education about lớn their clients.

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