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Joe Alwyn and Taylor Swift are dating. The two have been incredibly buttoned-up about their relationship, but fans get the feeling that this is serious. Some people even think Alwyn & Swift may be headed down the aisle at some point in the future.

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Swift was never going lớn find a partner with her cấp độ of star power. That’s mostly because few people with her cấp độ of fame exist, but Alwyn has a successful career of his own, even if it’s not T. Swift-levels of success. He has a part in the new Hulu show,Conversations with Friends.According lớn Deadline, Alwyn and his character aren’t similar.

Real life Joe Alwyn is completely different from his ‘Conversations with Friends’ character

In the show, Alwyn plays Nick Conway, a married man. Lượt thích Alwyn himself, Nick Conway is a super-hot actor, according khổng lồ The Daily Beast. Unlike Alwyn, Nick and his wife Melissa (played by Jemima Kirk according lớn the Daily Mail) are in an mở cửa relationship. According lớn Alwyn, that’s not his cup of tea in real life.

According lớn Deadline, “I think people can bởi vì what they want & makes them happy. I’m obviously happy in a monogamous relationship.” But Alwyn respects the work and the character he plays. The show is based on a Sally Rooney novel, & Alwyn seems to be a fan.

He appreciates the way Rooney explores complex relationships & leaves a lot on the table for viewers to analyze và ponder over. Still, he’s not about to follow suit and change his real-life relationship with Swift.

Joe Alwyn and Taylor Swift are very private

Alwyn và Swift are very private. Fans don’t know much about their relationship. What is known about their relationship makes them seem lượt thích total #RelationshipGoals. The two collaborate on music và have already made hit songs together. Alwyn used a pseudonym, but at least six of the songs onevermoreandfolklorewere penned by Alwyn and Swift together.

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Swift và Alwyn proved they make a good pair, both as a couple và as co-writers.Folklorewon a Grammy for Album of the Year, and Swift thanked Alwyn on stage. Apparently, he’s her sounding board. Swift reportedly plays all her new songs for Alwyn first.

But just because she’s a superstar doesn’t mean that Swift doesn’t tư vấn her boyfriend’s budding career. Swift is there to tư vấn Alwyn, too. She skipped the Grammys in 2019 for the BAFTA awards in England, where Alwyn’s movie The Favouritewas honored seven times.

How long have Joe Alwyn & Taylor Swift been together?

Swift is very careful about revealing too much about her personal life. She doesn’t lượt thích to let fans know all the details. It’s not always easy for Swift to keep things under wraps, though. That makes how long she hid her relationship with Alwyn impressive. Swift và Alwyn were first spotted by paparazzi in 2017, even though the two tried to lớn disguise themselves with black hoodies.

That means Swift and Alwyn have been dating for at least five years. They survived quarantine together & rocked it. Lock-down is what led Swift and Alwyn to collaborate on music together. A couple that can weather a pandemic together has staying power.

No one is quite sure how Alwyn and Swift met, although fans have found suggestions in Swift’s songs. Some people think the couple may have first met at the Met Gala in 2016, based on Swift’s tuy nhiên “Dress.” Others aren’t so sure.

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