Pubg mobile hay rules of survival, đâu sẽ là lựa chọn đúng đắn cho người chơi mới làm quen với thể loại battle royale?

With the arrival of PUBG on thiết bị di động (in China at least), there"s a right Battle Royale rumble brewing with Rules of Survival.

Bạn đang đọc: Pubg mobile hay rules of survival, đâu sẽ là lựa chọn đúng đắn cho người chơi mới làm quen với thể loại battle royale?

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First, a little context. Rules of Survival essentially pre-empted PUBG thiết bị di động by solidly emulating the original PUBG experience for smartphone & tablet gamers. Unsurprisingly, it"s proved pretty popular, because everyone loves PlayerUnknown"s Battleground right now.

Now here comes PUBG Smartphone to do the very same thing, but with an official endorsement và familiar assets khổng lồ its name.

That doesn"t necessarily mean that PUBG is the better game, of course. So how bởi these two mobile Battle Royale titans staông xã up at this early stage?

Before we start, a quiông chồng note: PUBG comes in two flavours, rather confusingly, but we"ve only been able to get inkhổng lồ games of the "Army Attack" version to date. So that"s obviously what we"re referring lớn any time we say "PUBG mobile".

With that in mind, here are a few points of comparison between PUBG Mobile and Rules of Survival.

Rules of Survival is way easier khổng lồ play

Before we even get into lớn matters of gameplay & execution, it"s worth pointing out the blinkingly obvious. For most people, Rules of Survival is the better bet right now because it"s the only one of the two that they"ll be able to lớn play without jumping through a bunch of hoops.

As we"ve already mentioned, PUBG Mobile is only available in China right now, which means going through the rigmarole of setting up a Chinese App Store tài khoản. Once that"s done you"ll have sầu to lớn wade through a bunch of Mandarin text.

There are also two distinct versions lớn choose from, as mentioned in the intro, which is confusing.

It"s still perfectly playable - particularly if you have a fundamental grasp of PUBG - but Rules of Survival is simply far easier lớn get into.

Rules of Survival gives you more players and levels

It"s a simple matter of numbers, this. While PUBG sticks to its 100-svào player count, RoS allows 120 real players onkhổng lồ its battlegrounds.

Oh yes, that"s the other thing - Rules of Survival has two (count "em) maps to PUBG mobile"s one. Hopefully the Miramar map that recently made its way khổng lồ PUBG proper won"t be too long to lớn di động.

RoS mixes the size of its maps up too. The mặc định maps is a mere 4x4 km, making for generally briefer and more action-packed games (especially with the higher player count), but the second bản đồ is a PUBG-matching 8x8.

PUBG does loot better

PUBG is a brilliant game for loot-fiends. It gets the process of scavenging for stuff pretty much spot on. RoS isn"t exactly bad in this regard, but nor is it quite up to PUBG"s standards.

You"ll generally find yourself much better equipped much earlier on in PoS, whereas PUBG will fairly often put you in the position of facing endgame with a less than optimal loadout if you"re particularly unlucky.

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I also lượt thích the way PUBG will automatically hoover up attachments that fit your current weapons as you run over them.

Different approach khổng lồ opening doors

PUBG mobile automates the door-opening process, while RoS makes you press a button. There are good & bad sides to lớn both approaches.

In PUBG mobile"s favour, it"s much easier and less annoying for doors to lớn simple open when you press against them - especially when you"re looting multiple large buildings each containing numerous rooms.

On the other hvà, RoS"s more deliberate approach makes approaching enemies who are holed up in a building that bit more controlled. Nothing gives you away in such situations lượt thích opening a creaky door.

RoS is better optimised for mobile

Graphically, it"s tough khổng lồ Call a winner here, but in practical terms we"d probably give sầu RoS the slight edge. It seems a little better optimised for smaller displays right now.

I found PUBG"s buttons to be slightly fiddly on my iPhone X, whereas RoS has slightly chunkier, bolder controls that work more reliably.

Indeed, its UI is generally crisper & more readable than PUBG mobile"s, while its lobby menus are also more appealing.

Different approach to lớn audio signatures

Both games register gunfire & engine noise visually, but in subtly different ways. RoS places a sound signature on the compass gauge at the top of the screen, making it easier khổng lồ pinpoint where noise is coming from in a pinch.

PUBG places those sound signatures on the mini-map, which you need khổng lồ work a little harder to lớn decipher - but which allows you to pinpoint the location of your rivals more accurately.

Honestly, I"m not sure which approach I prefer. They"re both handy in slightly different situations.

RoS has a more colourful, playful tone

PUBG can be a lighthearted experience with its entertaining sandbox, wonky physics, and potential for team-based hijinks.

But you"d never accuse the tone of the game itself of being particularly breezy. Its hardcore military simulator core shows through in places, particularly with its dour setting.

RoS has a little more fun with its audience, whether through its current Valentine"s Day-themed fantasy aircraft, its rubber chicken melee weapon, và its colourful range of special events.

In that respect it"s learned a few lessons from PUBG"s main rival, Fortnite, and I have to lớn say I approve of the extra levity.

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