* Volume : Moistgen Softener Skin Hydration(150ml) + Moistgen Emulsion Skin Hydration(130ml) + Travel Kit * moisturizing skin softener that hydrates skin deep inside without drying * made in korea * Expiration date : Individual marking * How to use : Please see details below


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made in korea



IOPE Moistgen Skin Hydration Special Set

1. Moistgen Softener Skin Hydration

A moisturizing skin softener that hydrates skin deep inside without drying

– The hyaluronic acid helps deep và long-lasting skin moisturization.

Bạn đang đọc:

– The nourishing texture instantly moisturizes & smoothens dry skin.

STEP 1: In the morning và evening skin stage, moisten the cosmetics with an appropriate amount (diameter 2.5cm / 1ml).

STEP 2: Use it as you gently wipe from the inside to lớn the outside of your face along with your skin texture.

2. Moistgen Emulsion Skin Hydration

A moisturizing emulsion that nourishes, hydrates và smoothens skin

– Strengthens the skin barrier, retains moisture deep inside skin and prevents moisture loss.– It is quickly absorbed and optimizes water-oil balance, leaving skin radiant & well-hydrated.

STEP 1: After using the morning and evening skins, take an appropriate amount (1.5cm / 0.4ml diameter).

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STEP 2: After spreading smoothly outward from the inside of the face along with the skin texture, tap it gently lớn absorb it.

– Capacity :MoistgenSoftner Skin Hydration 150ml,MoistgenEmulsion SkinHydration130ml

– Attention : Please vị not use it if you have a scar on your face. Keep it away from children.

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