Share: is only shipping the Q6600 with confirmed BX80562Q6600 SLACR, with G0 stepping hãng sản xuất intel wide dynamic & quad-core processor hãng intel smart memory access hãng intel advanced smart cache intel advanced digital truyền thông media boost

Had one new, loved it for the 300~350$ I paid at the time it was new.

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This one cost Go SLACR Go!Overclocked slightly as the old board wouldn"t take it natively, lớn get it khổng lồ run proper speed.Did roughly 10~15% over stock speed with no voltage increase - ON AN NVIDIA CHIPSET MOTHERBOARD (that"s saying something!). Heat is a non-issue when avoiding stock fan. Would likely go a lot higher (another gigahertz or possibly more/less) on an hãng intel chipset board.Used CL-P0497 Thermaltake heatsink/fan to cool this effective & added more fans to the case, being it was an nâng cấp from a core2.Warning for new guys:DO NOT overclock on the stock heatsink. Bad things happen. Vì chưng NOT overclock without VRM cooling on the motherboard if you"re using a tower (not a downdraft/orb style) cooler. Vì not use Clock gen (overclocking software) on your OEM Dell or HP boards lớn raise the clock-speed & wonder why your motherboard catches on FIRE or billows smoke, when the CPU demands more power, và makes more heat at higher clock-speeds than it was rated for!This cpu has the bin SLACR. The q6700 has SLACQ.

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Both chips are roughly identical with the same overclock capabilities. You need a good intel-chipset motherboard capable of handling higher bus-speeds lớn get this puppy khổng lồ fly, và it will. You"ll easily get another GHZ out of it, & then it can "keep up" in a lot of games made up until a few years ago (and some less demanding current titles, graphics prerequisites being fulfilled). Nvidia-based chipsets won"t overclock nearly as high, as normally is the case.Likely this chip was down-marketed just like the E5200 pentium 45nm wolfdale chips were and is capable of doing much more than it"s rated for, even with little or no voltage increase with the right board.All that having been said (sorry about the book), while it"s starting to get quite long in the tooth with newer titles with lots of processor-based Physics stuff or AI, it"s still plenty more than you need for modern desktop use & will be good for many years lớn come, provided you have 4~8gb or more of RAM as you need (DDR2-800mhz RAM is cheap).Machine runs Windows 10 home, 4gb (2x2gb) ddr2, Nvidia 650i chipset on socket 775 core2duo/core2quad motherboard by defunct Abit (surely I"ve got one of the last 10 working models in the world, at 10 years old). Hard drive-based OS, no SSD, typical DVD-R, và Radeon 5450 1gb gddr3-based clip card (I believe). Works great to vị casual tunes, internet video, light casual gaming, etc. SSD Recommended.

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