The dv6 series by the American manufacturer Hewlett-Packard scores with an exciting price/performance-ratio. All the series" models are positioned well below the mark of 1000 Euros, và there even is one version by all means suited for gaming: the model dv6-1140eg, equipped with an ATI 4650 graphics card. Also an obligation for multimedia users: a 15.6" HD display in the 16:9 format.


The dv6-1099eg at hand quasi defines the currently most low-priced beginner"s variant of the dv6 series by HP. Equipped with a Turion X2 CPU and an ATI 4530 graphics card, the notebook primarily satisfies basic needs such as video clip and music playback, but is also suited for computer games in a limited way, at least at reduced resolution and level of detail.

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If you should have somewhat higher needs when it comes lớn computer games, getting one of the better equipped (and in principle structurally identical), but several hundred Euros more expensive models 1160eg or 1140eg should be considered. Both are equipped with an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 graphics card (the latter one even has an hãng intel CPU, which has lớn be placed above the AMD competition in terms of performance), which positions itself as a serious competitor to the current 9600M GT middle class graphics adapter by Nvidia - it can even predominantly leave it behind.

The dv6 series" case is very evocative of the just reviewed HDX16 model by HP in terms of looks. Apart from the different lacquering, it really might be a matter of partly identical component parts - last but not least also due to the identical size factor.Artistically, the dv6 is considerably more plain. For instance, they forewent a silver-chrome-colored keyboard, và also used a rather unobtrusive lacquer regarding coloring of further parts. After all, a difference between prices of several hundred Euros khổng lồ the HDX16 series has khổng lồ be justified...

An essential change (from a constructive point of view as well) attracts attention khổng lồ the kind of display featured. This has also been implemeted as a high-gloss panel, although not inEdge-to-Edge thiết kế as in the HDX16, but with a conventional display frame - which albeit comes inproper style with a high-gloss look. Almost all surfaces were finished in this manner, by the way. The only exception is the case trough, which shows "naked" đen plastic. The lacquer surfaces are lớn be described as sticky and not very convincing in terms of haptic. The look however can indeed profit from the depicted ornaments. These are placed pretty effectually and are found primarily on the display"s lid, as well as in the area of the palm rest.

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The build quality has to lớn be described as good in every respect, similar to lớn the HDX16. Futhermore, we could not find the salient, uneven transition between component parts observed for the HDX16 in the reviewed dv6. Therefore, this likely was a nonrecurring slip of the HDX16"s chất lượng control. Minor deformations are possible on the case when pressure is applied, especially in the area of the optical drive. Sporadic creaking sounds became noticeable when tampering with the device, i.e. Adjusting the display"s pitch.

The ports offered are almost identical to lớn those of the HDX16. The card reader, for example, has been positioned differently, it is now to lớn be found on the left side"s edge, below the ExpressCard slot. On the right side, the optical drive moves over completely khổng lồ the front, which pushes the USB port (located here on the HDX16) to the back area.

All in all, a majority of the HP dv6"s ports are offered on the left side of the case, where there are also an interface for the docking port, a HDMI output , & a combined USB/eSATA port. This is a very good port configuration together with the remaining ports, considering the device"s price category.

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