Cooler master masterbox lite 3


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Great case there isn"t really anything wrong with but the cable management, it was hard but I was able khổng lồ find a way around, other than that great case!

Cramped, no PSU shroud, minimal cable management aid. Not a fan hâm mộ at all. Wasn"t my choice. Get a better case.

Cheap and gets the job done. Having a tempered glass side panel (and in my opinion decent aesthetics overall) at this price point is a big plus. There is very little ventilation so thermals are bad, but as long as you"re pairing a budget case lượt thích this with budget components (which won"t generate much heat) then it"s not really an issue. That being said, it does restrict your future tăng cấp possibilities, unless you"re willing khổng lồ ditch the front panel which is restricting airflow. There"s not much space in the back for cable management but as long as you don"t cross the thick 24 pin & CPU cables then it should be fine. There"s also few options for managing the cables in the front so I couldn"t get my build khổng lồ look clean. There"s not even a cut-out on the đứng đầu for the CPU cable so I had to run it over the RAM và CPU cooler.


Case looks simple and classy & shows off all the internal parts nicely. However, there is a distinct lack of places for cable management, below và in the side panel. All my wires have lớn be bundled together with a cable tie next to lớn the PSU. Also, the small intakes at the front mean that the case does not cool very well. CPU temps rise lớn 70 degrees C và GPU temps can exceed 50 degrees C.

Haven"t scratched the side panel yet, so thats good. The case looks stunning. địa chỉ cửa hàng an RGB strip in it then you"re good to lớn go!

This case is fantastic for the price! In my build, the lack of a PSU shroud helps the aesthetic, I can show off that RGB power supply! The clear front panel and the tempered glass are very nice too.

I"ve noticed two downsides though, one being limited airflow, & the other being cable management. There is only a single exhaust in the back, another exhaust or two on the completely solid vị trí cao nhất panel would help a lot.

Cable management was very tricky, but still doable. Getting the side panel back on was a struggle. Also, a cutout for the CPU nguồn cable would be great as well.

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Besides those two issues, this is a great little case! It also includes a single fan, and three different trim options: red (default), black, và white.

Ah what can I say about this case? It was on sale for $29 at Micro Center và I decided lớn go with it for that very reason. It is flimsy but it gets the job done. Many complain about the lack of back panel space for cable management, but they are just being lazy. I was able to perform some cable management with some effort.

Great Case Overall BUT there are significant issues with airflow especially if you plan lớn mount a 240mm radiator to the front. The airflow intakes are limited ESPECIALLY THE BOTTOM CUSTOMIZABLE PANEL. I took out the bottom red panel & increased temperatures by 5 degrees. Modded it khổng lồ widen the space between extra plastic piece and actual front of aluminum case & improved another 5 degrees.

A really nice & sleek computer case 10/10.

Everything about this case is great except for the cable management experience.


No cutouts on for a CPU 4pin/8pin connector (usually on the top left hand corner of most cases)

No cutouts or holes behind or below the motherboard to lớn route the HD audio & usb 3.0 cables

If you"ve decided lớn build a system in this case, having a nguồn supply with all black cables is a must.

Use a semi or a modular nguồn supply if possible.

There is not a lot of room behind the motherboard tray for excess cables.

Overall, still a great case for builds when you"re on a budget but still want lớn show off your awesome components.

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