Arena of valor

Arena of Valor is a gaming phầm mềm featuring a multiplayer online battle arena in which players compete to the death, often while communicating as teams over the chat feature. It is available for both iOS and Android devices và offers in-app purchases. Though this trò chơi has violent tendencies it is suitable for teens with adult supervision.

What is Arena of Valor: 5v5 Arena Game?

Arena of Valor is a gaming ứng dụng featuring a multiplayer online battle arena, in which players compete to lớn the death. Arena of Valor, available for both iOS và Android devices, is rated for teen players and according to lớn the terms of service, users under the age of 16 years of age must have parental consent to tải về and play the Arena of Valor app.


Arena of Valor is miễn phí to play, but does offer in-app purchases ranging in price from $0.99 lớn $99.99.

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Arena of Valor competitors can choose to lớn play within three separate categories: Casual Match, Ranked Match, & Training Camp. Strikes against other characters or players are known as First Blood, Double Kill & Triple Kill, to lớn give parents an idea of the game’s nature.


It should be noted that each of the more than 40 “fearless heroes” players have to lớn choose from are as fantastical as characters come, so there is definitely no confusing real life with the Arena of Valor game.

Friends within Arena of Valor are filtered & managed via multiple categories, including Facebook friends, in-game friends, friend requests và people nearby. When users link their Facebook trương mục in Arena of Valor, they have the ability to add those friends in their danh sách also on the platform. In addition, players may địa chỉ other players as in-game friends, in addition lớn approving in-game friend requests.

The highest grossing smartphone game of 2017, Arena of Valor is not only popular, it drives players to spend money on in-app purchases. And while players can have a decent go of chơi game without playing, to really customize their characters, và outfit them with the best powers và weapons, it will take some investment, translating into purchases of in-game currency packages.

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Is Arena of Valor: 5v5 Arena game safe for my kids?

Arena of Valor is safe for kids with appropriate parental supervision.

Parents should be aware that Arena of Valor is a multiplayer gaming app, with an kết thúc goal of killing one’s opponents. While the violence in the Arena of Valor phầm mềm is cartoon in nature, players must use weapons to battle opponents khổng lồ the death.

Parents, however, should be relieved lớn know that Arena of Valor, like most other multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games, is pretty complicated to lớn play, and will likely not capture the attention of younger players

An aspect of Arena of Valor that parents should be aware of is the chat function within the game. Chats are divided into three separate categories: General (with players worldwide), Friends (with a player’s friends within the game), Region (showing players in the nearby area with whom users can chat).

When playing in teams and groups, chat is necessary for players to lớn communicate strategy và powers/power-ups, but parents should be aware that their children have the ability to chat with virtual strangers in the Arena of Valor game, and should monitor their usage accordingly.

Parents should be aware that their child’s location is usedto suggest friends in the nearby area, so this is something to lớn keep an eye on.

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