What I'm working on at the moment...

Michael Forrest
Tue 13 Oct 2009
...when I'm not in Canonical Towers.

I've been busy day and night recently. I feel I should catalogue my various half-finished projects.

1) I'm building an OS X Cocoa version of Animata along with a Quartz Composer plugin and the elements of a suite of live performance software based around all the work I did at the start of the year but unified into a neater package, to make it more fun to use and to improve performance (and so that undo works!)

2) I'm writing a semi-autobiographical graphic novel that I will be publishing in the App Store (as a follow up to my first one)

3) I'm writing an iPhone version of Mood Tracker

4) I'm recording a bit of dubstep here and there

5) I am working on a music-oriented internet dating website with my sister

6) I am working on André Durand's new website

7) I am maintaining the Facebook Mood Tracker app

8) I am polishing and documenting my ActionScript framework and planning to do some proper screencasts about it soon

9) I also have some music-based iPhone apps underway. I'm planning on starting some Ubuntu audio hacking soon to discover some nice open source ways of producing interesting sound from these apps (I have the graphics working already)

10) I am worrying that I am doing too much code and not enough art.

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Justin says

November 03, 2009 10:59

That sounds like a lot of Art. It seems you have my dream life . . .
To be able to have so many fun projects on the side

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